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Philharmonie de Paris Live
Concerts enregistrés à la Philharmonie de Paris, à la Cité de la musique et à la Salle Pleyel
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Birdie Memory - Apps on Google Play
Birdie Memory is a fun and innovative way to discover birds and learn to recognize their song. The app works with the Birdie Memory illustrated birds (available in poster, book or postcards: https://www.birdiememory.com/en/buy). It is accessible to adults as well as children from 5 years old, and is aimed at beginners and amateurs as well as confirmed ornithologists. By simply passing the phone in front of a bird, it comes alive and sings its song! The application has 2 different modes: * "Observation" lets you listen to all the birds, and learn simple and precise information about each bird * "Memory", a game where your observation and memorization abilities will be put to test. The Memory includes various levels of progressive difficulty, and also offers to become familiar with the sonogram, a sound visualization tool used by specialists as a memorizing help. The 20 birds and their songs have been selected by an ornithologist for their diversity and their presence throughout Europe, in cities and in the countryside. The songs come from recordings of the British Library in London and the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. To go further, the Birdie Memory website (www.birdiememory.com) offers more information about each bird, tips for memorization, tutorials, videos, etc.
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